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Reinventing liberal arts education for an age of climate change

Gull Island is a new immersive liberal arts program located on remote islands in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. Our mission is to prepare a new generation for democratic citizenship and care of the earth through place-based learning rooted in rigorous academics, physical labor, and student self-governance.

Our Approach

In an age of climate change and ecological transformation, we need new ways to grapple with questions at the heart of a liberal arts education: How should we live? What do we value? What do we owe to others as human beings and citizens?

In our programs, students grow as leaders and thinkers by assuming real responsibility for a remarkable coastal locale, through place-based academic inquiry, physical labor, and self-governance.

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Our Programs

We run a multi-week, tuition-free program in May-June for advanced undergraduates on islands in Buzzards Bay. We are also developing partnership programs that bring our model of three-pillared learning to a range of students at public, private, and community colleges.

For students and faculty:

For prospective institutional partners:

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